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Our trail blazing ‘in the cloud’ bulk handling software system, offers profound solutions to accurate and efficient management, tracking, quoting, purchasing, invoicing as well as vehicle and stock control. Graphically represented reporting (tailored to your requirements) offers easy instant access and a very comprehensive, ‘realtime’ overview.  You choose the reports you find most useful and we design these to suit your needs.  (Different staff members often require a different vertical view).

Our focus is on the Agricultural Sector and the production, blending, grading, spreading and scheduling of dry bulk i.e.

  • fertiliser
  • grains
  • stockfeed
  • seeds

You can check your total stock holding quickly and simply. Manage multiple locations, track and transfer stock, set low stock alerts and enable stock forecasting and projections.

The critical sophisticated logistics functionality allows you to  easily ascertain who owns what, what is sold/still to sell, allocated, or on order.  Truck and Spreader Movement and Management is part of the logistics operation.

All Customer and Supplier contact and order details are easily accessed and customer job history and information archived for retrieval whenever you need it.

Run your business and access all of your important information, at work, out in the field, overseas or at home. You can view exactly where you business is and share that with your nominated staff ‘in real time’.

Work together and collaborate online as a team on your systems and processes. Remember your data is completely private and secure even if your computer is lost or stolen. Your information is stored in our Tier One Professional Data Warehouse in Melbourne, with multiple redundancy back up. There is no investment in hardware and you can work on a Mac, PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

SSBee Business Software is there for you whenever you need it, wherever you are.